8 Bald Head Shapes From Best to Worst (2024)

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Once you start shaving your head regularly, your bald head shape starts to feel like the most important thing in life.

While oval and round bald head shapes have been seen as more aesthetically pleasing than pear or diamond shapes, not everything is lost.

Even if you didn’t win a genetic lottery, there are many things you can do that are more noticeable than your head shape.

Types of Head Shapes

There are several different bald head types, and all of them are perfectly normal. The most common are oval and round shapes, and the least asymmetrical shapes. 

1. Oval

An oval bald head shape is like an upside-down egg or an American football ball. 

From the front, it looks like a perfect oval, while from the side, it’s slightly curved at the top and narrower at the bottom. 

The oval is considered a balanced and well-proportioned head shape and is often seen as the ideal shape for a shaved head. 

Oval Head Characteristics

  1. The top of the oval bald head shape is round and smooth, similar to a perfect sphere. 
  2. The forehead is typically broader, expanding wider than the jawline.
  3. The cheekbones are not overly prominent, blending seamlessly into the overall oval shape.
  4. The jawline is softly rounded, lacking sharp or angular features.
  5. The distance from the brow line to the top of the head is approximately equal to the width.

2. Round

The round head shape is just as it sounds – round. Think of it like a basketball or a bowling ball. From the front, it’s almost like looking at a perfect circle. There are no corners or flat surfaces, just one continuous curve. 

The forehead and the back of the head are also evenly rounded, making the head appear symmetrical. It’s a common shape that many people have, and it can look really great when bald. 

Round Head Characteristics

  1. The width and length of the round bald head are almost equal, giving it a balanced look. 
  2. No distinct corners or angles are noticeable on the forehead or back of the head. 
  3. The sides of the head curve smoothly without sharp edges. 
  4. Cheekbones are typically the widest part of the face, adding to the roundness. 
  5. The jawline generally has a soft curve rather than a sharp angle. 

3. Square

A square bald head shape is similar to a cube or a box. Looking at a square bald head from the front, you notice its equal width and height. The forehead and jawline have sharp angles, making the face appear boxy. 

From the side, the flat top and straight profile continue the square theme. It’s like looking at a perfect cube. It’s a unique and strong look. This square shape gives a certain boldness to your overall persona.

Square Head Characteristics

  1. The sides of the bald square head shape are straight and vertical, not curving inward or outward.
  2. The forehead is broad and flat, adding to the overall squared appearance.
  3. The cheekbones are prominent and align with the square shape, they don’t bulge out or sink in.
  4. The jawline is strong and angular, forming a clear horizontal line when viewed from the front.
  5. The distance between the top of the head to the chin is almost equal to the width from ear to ear.

4. Triangular

The triangular bald head shape looks like an upside-down triangle or pyramid. From the front view, the forehead appears wider, and it narrows down to a pointy chin. 

From the side, it’s kind of like a ramp that slopes down from the forehead to the back of the head. This pointy bald head shape is unique, but it’s still pretty common. 

Triangular Head Characteristics

  1. The bald triangular head shape is marked by a prominent wide forehead. 
  2. It tapers down to a narrow, pointed chin, giving the face a distinct triangular look. 
  3. The cheekbones in a triangular head shape are usually high and well-defined. 
  4. The jawline is often sharp and narrow, emphasizing the triangle shape. 
  5. The length from the forehead to the chin tends to be longer than the width at the cheekbones. 

5. Rectangular

From the front view, a rectangular bald head shape looks like a long rectangle. It’s longer than it is wide. From the side, it looks like a stretched-out semi-circle. 

This head shape is definitely far from the square shape because it’s extended vertically, and the corners are softer and not as sharp. 

The top is flat, and the sides are straight, forming a simple, clean shape. It’s a common head shape that many people have. 

Rectangular Head Characteristics

  1. The forehead, cheeks, and jawline of bald rectangular head shape are generally the same width.
  2. The sides of the head appear straight and do not curve outwards.
  3. The forehead is flat and broad, not rounded.
  4. The jawline is usually strong and sharp, not rounded or soft.
  5. The cheekbones are not prominent or high-set but level with the rest of the face.

6. Diamond-Shape

A diamond-shaped head is often seen as a bit wider at the cheeks and narrower at the forehead and chin. From the front, it looks like a diamond because of the wide middle and the pointed top and bottom. 

From the side, it’s more like a straight line from the top of the head to the chin. This shape is pretty balanced, nothing too drastic. It’s not super common, but you’ll still see it around. 

Diamond-Shape Head Characteristics

  1. The bald diamond head shape is widest at the cheekbones.
  2. The forehead and jawline are narrower than the cheekbones.
  3. The chin is often pointed in diamond-shaped heads.
  4. The jawline is sharp and angular, not rounded.
  5. The forehead is usually smaller in comparison to the cheekbones.

7. Pear-Shape

A pear-shaped bald head is wider at the bottom and narrow on top, just like a pear. From the front, it looks like a rounded triangle, but from the side, you can see it bulge out at the back. 

This shape is unique because it’s fuller around the jaw and chin areas. It’s not as common as other head shapes, but there are still plenty of people who have it. 

Pear-Shape Head Characteristics

  1. The forehead is broader, making it a noticeable feature of a bald pear-shaped head.
  2. Cheekbones are less pronounced, blending smoothly with the rest of the face.
  3. The jawline is wider than the forehead, giving a distinct pear-like appearance.
  4. The head narrows towards the top, further emphasizing the pear shape.
  5. The back of the head protrudes outward, adding to the overall pear-shaped look.

8. Asymmetrical

A bald asymmetrical head shape is when one side of the head is different from the other. It’s like a ball that’s not perfectly round. 

Looking from the front, you might see that one side of the forehead or scalp sticks out more than the other. From the side, the difference might be even more noticeable. One part of the head could be flatter or more rounded than the other. 

This doesn’t mean anything is wrong, it’s just how some heads naturally are. It’s like how one foot can be a bit bigger than the other. The same goes for head shapes! 

Asymmetrical Head Characteristics

  1. One side of the head is noticeably different from the other side. 
  2. There is an uneven balance between the top and bottom of the head.
  3. Facial features like jawline and cheekbones may not align with the center of the head. 
  4. The width and length of the head are not in proportion.
  5. The hairline is not straight, it shows irregularities on one side.

Best Bald Head Shapes

Generally speaking, oval, round, and square head shapes are often seen as the best head shapes for bald heads. 

This is because these shapes offer a balanced and symmetrical look, which is often seen as attractive.

  • Oval shape: is versatile and balanced. It’s considered perfect for bald heads because it’s proportional and doesn’t draw attention to any particular feature. 
  • Round shape: is considered good for bald heads because it creates a balance between the face and the scalp, giving a more youthful look.
  • Square shape: is seen as desirable because it gives a strong, masculine look. The angles of a square shape can highlight a man’s jawline and cheekbones, adding a bit of character to the bald look. 

These head shapes look good bald because they are symmetrical and accentuate the best facial features and make baldness a style statement. 

But what should you do if you don’t have the perfect bald head shape? All is not gone. Below you can see how to make other bald head shapes look good.

Worst Bald Head Shapes

Whether we like it or not, some head shapes just don’t look as good bald as others. Generally, it’s about balance and symmetry. 

The worst head shapes for bald guys are often seen as asymmetrical, pear-shaped, and diamond-shaped. 

  • Asymmetrical shape: is often seen as a bad bald head shape, because it’s uneven. It can make the head appear lopsided without hair to hide the imbalance. 
  • Pear-shape: is wider at the bottom and narrower at the top. This can make the head look top-heavy when bald, which isn’t a look everyone is into. 
  • Diamond-shape: is widest at the cheeks and narrows at both the forehead and chin. Without hair, this shape can look overly sharp and angular. 

If you think you’ve got a weird head shape for going bald, don’t sweat it! Sure, we can’t change our head shapes, but that doesn’t mean you can’t rock a bald head! 

Next comes my best tips on how to deal with bad bald head shapes.

Dealing With Weird Bald Head Shapes

No matter what shape your head is, there are five main things anyone can do to enhance their bald look.

Growing a beard is the most significant one. But don’t worry if you can’t grow a beard, there are other options. 


Growing a beard really helps to balance out an odd bald head shape. Facial hair adds definition and structure to your face. 

For instance, if your head is round, growing a full beard can add some length to your face, balancing out the roundness. 

On the other hand, if your head is more oval, a shorter beard style can work better. This is all about using facial hair to create visual balance. 

And remember, beard grooming is key. Keep it neat and trimmed to enhance the effect.

Skin color

Skin color plays a massive role in balancing out an odd bald head shape. For instance, a healthy, tanned bald head can make the head look more symmetrical, even if it isn’t. 

Just like how the right shade of foundation can hide skin imperfections, the right skin tone can mask head shape irregularities. 

On the flip side, head skin conditions can make your scalp appear dull and patchy. This can highlight any asymmetrical details of your head, making them more noticeable. 

So, taking care of your scalp is crucial in order to look good bald, no matter your head shape.


Eyeglasses are effective in balancing out any odd bald head shapes because they divert attention away from the head toward the frames, creating a more symmetrical appearance. 

This is so effective because glasses offer a strong contrast between the frames and the bald head. 

For instance, oversized frames can mask a disproportionately small head, while bold, angular frames can offset a round head shape.

Even if you don’t have eyeglasses, you can get zero prescription glasses that offer the same aesthetic benefit. 

Sunglasses also work, but you likely are not going to use them indoors.

Bodyweight %

Managing your bodyweight percentage will help balance out an unusual bald head shape by improving your posture and facial contours. 

Shedding excess weight and building muscle can enhance facial symmetry, diverting attention from head shape irregularities. 

For example, weight loss can reduce facial fullness, making a round head appear more proportionate. It can also bring out your jawline and cheekbones.

Conversely, targeted exercises can also add definition to the neck and shoulders, improving symmetry. 


Fashion and clothing style really make a difference, especially if you have an unusual head shape. The trick is to balance it out with your personal style. 

Let’s say your head is a bit pear-shaped, wearing clothes with broad shoulder designs can help create a more balanced look. 

Similarly, for a diamond-shaped head, a high neckline top or a turtleneck can make your face look more proportional. 

The key here is to choose the right colors and ensure your clothes fit you well. 

It’s not about hiding your shape but rather enhancing your overall look. 

Why Your Head Shape Doesn’t Matter

Look, the honest truth is that your head shape, symmetrical or not, doesn’t really matter because you cannot change it.

I get it, it’s easy for a baldy with an oval head to tell someone with an asymmetrical head that it doesn’t matter.

We can’t change our head shapes, just like we can’t wish away balding. It’s a fact of life. 

But we can do is accept the situation and focus on things we actually can change. For example, growing a beard, getting a tan, losing getting a jawline by losing weight, and dressing well.

Remember, your facial features, especially your jawline, are more noticeable than your head shape.

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