15 Real Benefits of Being Bald in 2024 (Men & Women)

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Shaving your head bald isn’t just about managing hair loss; it’s a lifestyle with many unexpected perks. 

Here are the top benefits of being bald based on years of my own experience with a chrome dome.

1. You Convey Confidence

Confidence is one of those reverse side effects of being bald where faking till you make it actually works. 

Whether you are actually confident or not, you definitely convey confidence in social situations.

Bald symbolizes the acceptance of your self-image and projects a strength that challenges societal beauty norms, such as a head full of hair. 

By shaving your head bald, you embrace a confident bald look, defy traditional beauty standards, and demonstrate that real self-assurance comes from within. 

This means you also accept the potential negative responses from others. Defying social norms and accepting conflict radiates courage and confidence.

After my first shave, I was in the “fake it till you make it camp.” 

But to my surprise, I actually received compliments about my head shape, suggesting people around me accepted my new look.

2. Your Aging Stops

Your perceived aging stops once you embrace the bald look. It’s something that you start to appreciate more the older you get.

How so?

Well, there’s no grey hair to worry about, which can often be the first visible sign of aging. This gives your face a more consistent look in terms of color and texture. 

Moreover, the clean-shaven look imparts a sleek, refreshed appearance that’s often associated with younger people.

It’s an easy grooming choice that not only saves you the trouble of dealing with gray hair but also allows you to embrace the natural look. 

Plus, your overall appearance remains steady over time, unlike those with hair whose locks may thin out or gray as they age. 

3. Bald Works With Most Outfits

The most practical pro of being bald is the versatility in style choices.

Bald is a timeless classic look that simplifies color matching, as there’s no need to coordinate colors between hair and outfits. 

Bald heads tend to look fantastic with high-contrast colors such as navy blue and black. 

Other tones that work well and provide a unique appearance include cool tones like blues and purples, neutrals like gray and black, and pastels such as light pink, mint, and lavender.

Additionally, baldness offers versatility when it comes to accessorizing. Hats, scarves and other headgear can easily be incorporated into your look to complement different styles.

4. You Are Motivated to Care Yourself More

Being bald comes with an unexpected benefit, it motivates you to take better care of yourself. 

Before going bald, I was the laziest guy ever. I didn’t focus on my skincare because there wasn’t a reason to. 

But after my first scalp razor burn, I was VERY motivated to develop an easy skincare routine that’s low maintenance and works.

Improved hygiene and better scalp health become a priority because constant shaving will irritate the scalp and may result in different skin problems.

I think going bald teaches you a lesson of “control what you can control.”

I lost a lot of nerve cells fighting with hair loss. Instead, I should have tried to focus on improving myself a lot sooner.

5. Enhanced Intimacy

Another benefit of a bald head that most people are not aware of is how shaving your head bald unlocks an additional sense of pleasure.

Say what? 

Well, the smoothness of a bald head provides a unique tactile sensation that adds a new dimension to physical interactions.

It’s a different level of sensation, unlike the usual feel of hair. Moreover, many women actually appreciate the feel of a bald head and do like to touch it.

There’s not much more to share about this. Let your partner to do a scalp massage and see from there.

6. You Look More Dominant

One common scientific benefit of shaving your head is that you look more dominant.

According to research from the University of Pennsylvania, bald men are consistently perceived as more dominant, taller, and stronger. (1)

Data scientist and researcher Albert Mannes found in three experiments:

  • Bald men were rated as more dominant compared to men with hair.
  • Men whose hair was digitally removed were perceived as more dominant, taller, and stronger than their authentic selves.
  • Men experiencing natural hair loss improve their interpersonal standing by shaving.

Mannes asserts that the connection between being shaved and exuding dominance is rooted in cultural associations, much like how height and a deep voice convey authority. 

Another study from Barry University found that bald men were consistently rated higher in social maturity. (2)

This being more intelligent, influential, knowledgeable, well-educated, higher social status, and more honest.

Dr. Muscarella also suggests that baldness may have evolved as a way to differentiate between higher-status older males and younger, lower-status males with full heads of hair.

7. Freedom From Hair Loss

You probably are well aware that once you start noticing hair loss, your life changes, and it very quickly becomes the most important thing in the world.

Balding causes negative self-perception, stress, and constant anxiety, which is very difficult to live with.

The good news is that shaving your head bald offers an immensely liberating freedom from hair loss related stress and improved self-esteem.

However, research suggests that the fear of going bald is often worse than the reality of being bald. (3)

And I can confirm this from my own experience. For years I was dealing with severe anxiety related to my hair (or the lack of it).

Until the hair loss was so severe that I finally braved the shave and went full baldmode. Being bald was an oddly liberating feeling.

Now I’m not saying it’s easy to get used to the new self, but it’s way less stressful than trying to hide a clearly balding head.

8. No Bad Hair Days

A fantastic advantage of being bald is the luxury of having no bad hair days. 

Remember those frustrating mornings when your hair looked like you’d been wrestling with an electric socket? Yeah, that was bad bed hair.

There is also bad hat hair, bad helmet hair, and bad wind hair. Gosh, it gets really old really fast.

But with a bald head? It’s smooth sailing all the way. No more worries about helmet hair, wind hair, or any kind of hair disaster. 

As long as you keep your dome smooth, you’re always looking sharp and neat. 

Bad hair days are just annoying, especially when you are late somewhere and need to start minimizing the damage at the last minute.

9. Natural Cooling Effect

One pro of shaving your head is that being bald works as a natural cooling system. It’s like that instant relief when you step into the shade on a hot day. 

It works because there’s no hair to trap that heat. Your head is the largest area that radiates heat, and the skin on your scalp is directly exposed to the air. 

This means that as air moves across your bald head, it can carry away the heat that naturally radiates from your body. 

It’s similar to how a breeze cools you down when you’re hot – the moving air takes away the heat from your skin’s surface, making you feel cooler.

This natural cooling effect is especially beneficial during summer and for people living in warmer climates.

10. Improved Helmet Fit

One of the perks of being bald is the improved helmet fit. 

If you have ever done any extreme sport, you know how getting the right size helmet can be difficult, especially if you have an odd size head.

And helmet hair sucks, long hair gets tangled, hair gets wet and in the way, and hair causes temperature problems.

But a bald head is a dream to use a helmet with. Once I shaved my head, most regular-size helmets started to fit well, and the hassle of hair was gone.

A bald head with a helmet also gives you better airflow, which reduces temperature and sweat and helps you to focus on your activity, not the constant adjustment of headgear.

11. Great for Combat Sports

One practical reason to go bald is the advantage it brings in combat sports.

Firstly, it eliminates the need to manage hair during training and matches, preventing distractions and potential discomfort. 

No hair means no worries about it getting pulled or tangled during intense grappling.

Moreover, bald heads provide a smoother surface for headgear, ensuring a secure fit and better protection without interference.

In addition, being bald minimizes the risk of opponents using hair as leverage, allowing fighters to focus on their technique rather than defending against such tactics. 

The lack of hair also facilitates quicker cooldowns after matches, as sweat evaporates more efficiently from a hairless scalp.

12. You Stand Out of the Crowd 

An interesting upside of being bald is that you naturally stand out from the crowd. 

In social settings where an ocean of hairdos is present, your bald head offers a fresh breath of air.

This distinctive look can be a significant advantage, particularly in situations like dating apps or networking events where making a memorable impression is crucial. 

People generally tend to remember those who diverge from the norm with some unique feature. 

Your baldness sets you apart, making you easily recognizable. 

Plus, your bald head literally makes you “stand out of the crowd,” making it easier for your friends to find you in a crowd or social setting.

I was once at a business conference where one of my clients joked, “I had no trouble finding you in this crowd. Just had to look for the shiny beacon!” 

At first, I thought he was sarcastic, but now I see this as a compliment, as I got the lead. 

13. Quick Drying

Being bald has its unique perks, particularly when it comes to water-related activities. One of the main benefits is that your head dries incredibly fast. 

This is especially valuable for those like me who love watersports. The speed at which my bald head dries post-activity is truly remarkable. 

Similarly, daily routines such as showering become more efficient, with no hair to dry afterward. 

Also, swimming is a breeze. I find the experience much more enjoyable as there’s no hair to get in my face or to dry afterward. 

Baldness eliminates the need for swim caps and allows for a quick, fuss-free drying off post-swim. Even in rainy weather, I find my bald head to be an advantage. 

Rain doesn’t bother me nearly as much as before. If anything, I’ve discovered it’s oddly enjoyable to feel the drops hit my scalp directly.

Try it, and you might just understand what I’m talking about. 

14. You Get More Vitamin D

Being bald has its own unique perks. One significant benefit I’ve discovered is the increased intake of Vitamin D.

Our bodies naturally produce Vitamin D when sunlight touches our skin. With a bald head, there’s more skin exposed, meaning more Vitamin D production.

Personally, I’ve noticed a change in my mood and overall health since embracing my baldness. 

This is because I’m trying to get an even skin tan between my face, neck, and scalp. It’s a small but tangible perk that adds to the positive aspects of being bald. 

There’s also a loose link between high vitamin D levels and a lower risk of prostate cancer.

According to MedicalNewsToday, some studies suggest that adequate vitamin D levels could reduce the risk of prostate cancer, but the evidence is still inconclusive. (4)

The potential for vitamin D is well-documented, but the role of vitamin D supplementation remains controversial.

15. Reduced Cancer Risk

According to a study by the University of Washington School of Medicine, male pattern baldness (MPB) is associated with a reduced risk of prostate cancer (PCa). (5)

MPB and PCa share commonalities as both are prevalent, heritable, and androgen-related conditions.

The study found that hair loss at age 30 was more common in controls than cases, and those with hair loss at age 30 had a 29% relative risk reduction for PCa. 

However, it’s important to note that the relationship between MPB and PCa is still inconclusive, and further research is needed.

Unfortunately, the research didn’t cover the underlying reasons why MPB helps to minimize the risk of PCa.

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