8 Tips for Dating While Bald 2024 (+Confidence Challenges)


Being a bald man on dating apps is not the death sentence the Internet want’s you to believe it is.

No amount of hair will make you say the right things, dress you well, and keep your posture upright.

But dating while bald does require you to work on your confidence, self-esteem, and basic social skills.

Tips for Dating While Bald

1. There’s No Such Thing As a Universally Attractive Man

Despite the dating challenges we might want to believe, there’s no such thing as a universally attractive man or woman. 

Some are into tattoos, muscles, glasses, or certain nationalities (e.g. French), while others might be repelled by them. 

The same goes for bald dating. Yes, going bald will narrow your dating pool, but believe it or not, there are plenty of women out there who are attracted to bald men. 

Think about it, what are you into? Redheads, cosplay, or short girls? 

Do you really care about other seeming shortcomings if you hit off well and she is exactly what you are into? Probably not. The same works with bald guys as well.

Action Steps:

  • Recognize that attractiveness is subjective and varied. Just as you have your preferences, women have theirs. Focus on people who appreciate you for who you are.
  • Be an interesting person. Engage in hobbies and activities that are interesting for you and are interesting for others to learn about. The key is to be really into something.
  • Exude confidence by embracing your baldness openly. Speak about it with self-assuredness, and don’t take yourself too seriously. Learn how to make fun of yourself within reason, and check out bald jokes.

2. Some Girls Don’t Like Bald Men, Most Don’t Like Balding Men

The thing is that nobody looks good balding, but many people look good bald. 

Look, 10 out of 10 women will choose a confident bald man over someone with a comb-over or trying to hide their hair loss in some other awkward way.

I used to stress about my thinning hair and tried to hide it with clever hairstyles. That it didn’t fool anyone; it was obvious even for an untrained eye what was going on up there.

After adding bald pictures to my Tinder profile, I noticed that the matches and the attention remained the same, but the quality increased drastically.

The women who like the bald look are much more forward with their attraction and are better matches overall.

Own your baldness, work on yourself, and let your confidence shine through. After all, first impressions do matter. 

Action Steps:

  • Stop hiding your hair loss. It’s obvious to everyone what you are doing, and no one likes the balding look. If it’s so bad that you cannot live with it, then brave the shave.
  • Recognize that a bald head is a great “filter.” If she sees a bald head and doesn’t want to pursue a relationship, you just saved yourself time and energy.
  • Update your online dating profiles with bald pictures. Reflect authenticity and confidence in your bio and through conversations. 

3. You Will Stand Out From the Crowd

The funny thing about dating as a bald man is that you stand out from the crowd, literally and figuratively.

I visually stand out on dating apps and in social settings, thanks to my dome. Women in dating apps are usually polarised towards the bald head, either a hell no or hell yeah.

Being a bald man works as a great filter. You won’t get those unsure swipes; it’s either a no or a solid yes.

This actually boosted my self-esteem and dating confidence because I wasn’t just another face in the crowd. 

But what is funny is that even other men started asking how did I brave the shave. Confidently bald is attractive even for men, as a lot of men are secretly scared of going bald.

And as a baldy, you literally stand out in a crowd. My friends love going to concerts with me because they can always spot me easily, lol. 

Action Steps:

  • Embrace the attention your bald look brings online and in real life. Being noticed sets you apart, and it’s a good thing. If you want something in life, you need to put yourself out there.
  • Network with other bald guys, as this will boost your confidence a lot, and you can see that you are not alone with your chrome dome in this world.
  • When in public, avoid using headwear if possible. You will stand out more, which we learned is a good thing, and your friends will find you faster.

4. Dating Apps Are a Woman’s Market

Look, I agree that with dating apps, having hair helps, but it’s not just about having hair. It’s more about doing all the small things right, from witty bios, interesting images to funny openers.

Women get tons of matches and messages each day and can afford to be selective – and they should be.

After a hundredth message of plain “hi” and “you are beautiful,” you would expect the other side to at least try to put in the effort.

In terms of relationship dynamics and online dating, your looks do play a role, but your personality and courage can fill out your shortages.

Think about it, how many times have you seen an out-of-shape guy with a hot girl? It happens. That dude probably just had the confidence to approach her, ya know?

All this means you need to put your best self forward and actually put some effort in. 

Having hair doesn’t make you say the right words, provide you with interesting hobbies to talk about nor make your body language confident.

Action Steps:

  • Recognize that dating apps are difficult for all men, no matter the hair situation. Hair doesn’t make you funny nor provide you with interesting hobbies to talk about.
  • Understand that most women get tons of messages each day from needy guys, all of whom want something from them. Then, you can differentiate yourself from the crowd.
  • Do all the small things right: witty bio, one image with friends (social proof), funny openers, and images of your hobbies/interests that silently communicate who you are.

5. If Your Dating Life Was OK Before, You Will Be OK Bald

There’s a common myth floating around that no one wants to date a bald guy. 

The harsh reality is that if you had a decent dating life when you had hair, then a bald head will not be something that holds you back now.

The old saying goes like this: A handsome man stays handsome. In fact, getting rid of the thin air is a bonus to your appearance and just radiates confidence.

The dating game requires a decent level of self-esteem, self-worth, and confidence. Most people are understandably repelled by low self-esteem and low self-worth.

Anyone who thinks that their dating life will be over simply because of a haircut most likely didn’t have much of one to begin with. 

Will some people not like you? Of course. Some people don’t like muscular guys, some don’t like beards, some don’t like redheads, and the list goes on forever.

Do you know what almost every single person is attracted to? Confidence. 

Guys that give off that “if you like me, that’s awesome. If not, I’m good” sort of vibe are always popular in any dating scene.

Action Steps:

  • Recognize if your dating game was decent before going bald or not. If not, then focus on building your self-esteem, self-worth, and confidence first.
  • Confidence is the most attractive trait anyone can possess. It’s built piece by piece by feeling comfortable in your own skin and letting go of others’ opinions of you.
  • Cultivate self-validation from within. Develop a vibe where you are not relying on other people’s validation to feel good.

6. You Can Fake it Until You Make it

One of the few times in life where you can and probably should fake it until you make it is while embracing your bald look.

Look, if you cannot accept yourself as you are, no one can. No woman (or man) will want to deal with insecure men who cannot deal with their issues.

And no one cares about your bald dome but you. The trick here is to pretend you’re confident about it, even if you’re not at first. 

Think for a second about bald sex symbols like The Rock and Jason Statham. Are they popular because of their hair? Definitely not.

It’s all about your confidence, your body language, and how you carry yourself. 

Action Steps:

  • Learn how to accept who you are. If you can’t even love yourself, why should someone else? Low self-esteem gives off a bad “vibe” to women, which leads to more rejections or being perceived as creepy. 
  • Focus on yourself and do more of the same stuff you did before you started balding. Be interesting, be interested in others, and be fun to be around.
  • Fake your confidence until you achieve it by not hiding it. Act as someone who has accepted their bald head and is proud of it. The more times you do it, the better you get at it.

7. Don’t Lie on Your Profile

The worst thing you can do to yourself as a bald guy on Tinder is to hide your bald head and reveal it during the first meeting with a girl.

No one likes men who are so insecure that they’re using inaccurate pictures of themselves. 

And once you meet someone and they look drastically different than their pictures is jarring and a turn-off. The goal is to attract people who you’re attractive to. 

Shave your head fully and remove your pictures with your hair. Being bald works to your advantage. It filters out women who don’t like it, so use it.

Using misleading photos starts every interaction with a sense of you being dishonest, which is way more of a turnoff than any hair situation.

Action Steps:

  • Shave your head bald and add new bald pictures of yourself. You get bonus points for interesting activities and pictures with people, which act as social proof.
  • Avoid old photos of you where you think you looked great. No one agrees with you. Meeting someone drastically different is a big turnoff.
  • Avoid photos with you wearing hats. The goal is to attract women who like your bald head, not to deceive them into liking your “clever pictures.”

8. Dating IRL is Easier

I get it, dating while being bald doesn’t come easy and doesn’t work for everyone. 

However, meeting people in real life is actually much easier because girls don’t get the chance to automatically exclude you based on looks. 

If you can hold a conversation and/or make her laugh on the first impression, then she will care less about your chrome dome.

But talking to a girl in real life buys you enough time to convince her that you are an interesting person to be around and can make them laugh.

Then, she can experience the real you and make the decision based on the whole package.

If you are bald and single and cannot hold a conversation or even have self-esteem problems, then these are the things you need to work on first. No amount of hair will fix that.  

Action Steps:

  • To reject someone in real life is 100x more uncomfortable than on Tinder. Capitalize on this and start a conversation, make her laugh, and show your personality.
  • Be social and start lots of conversations without any expectations. Your main goal is to gain experience and build confidence that you can talk to strangers.
  • If you lack social skills or self-esteem, then focus on these areas first. Consider reading personal help books, visiting a psychologist, and starting small interactions with strangers.

Confidence Challenges

Confidence was the main factor that shined through every dating tip and fact in this article. But how the hell do you improve it if you are not confident?

The uncomfortable truth is that you build confidence by putting yourself into uncomfortable situations and getting used to them.

You will be surprised to see what you can actually achieve if you just do the challenges in this list.

1. Go to public places without a hat

Go to public places without a hat. This is the very first step: accepting yourself and gaining confidence. Just remove your hoodie or hat and walk around with your bald head. 

The first time is scary, but it’s actually a very revealing experience. If you are too afraid to go to your local mall, then travel to other places where no one will know you.

After a while, you don’t even notice it, and it removes the “self-awareness” feeling when in social situations.

2. Make eye contact with everyone

The fact is that eye contact is essential in social situations. You cannot have a decent conversation with a woman while looking away; you need to fix this.

The good news is that it’s an easy thing to learn. While you walk around in public places (from the last point), just make a short eye contact with everyone you encounter. Yes, everyone.

  • Walking past someone in the mall? Yes, look her in the eye.
  • Asking someone for help in a corner store? Make eye contact.
  • Noticing someone looking at your bald head? Look back and smile.

It should be difficult; that’s the point. But the more times you do it, the better you get. You soon understand that nothing happens to you if you look someone in the eye.

Once you get better at it, avoid being the first to break the eye contact. Let the other person look away first.

And if you are extra brave, smile at a woman if you can hold eye contact for a solid 3-4 seconds. If she smiles back, then go talk to her.

3. Talk to a stranger every day

You get savvy in social situations by talking to lots of people all the time. And the best part is that in addition to developing your communication muscle, you meet a lot of awesome people in the process.

Start out with short interactions in everyday situations. 

  • This depends on how bad your starting position is, but start out by asking for help in a local grocery store. Ask for guidance on where something is located. Here, you have an excuse to approach a worker, and they usually have an obligation to help you.
  • On the street, ask strangers where the nearest X is. Again, it is a low-stress environment, and you have a reason to approach someone.
  • If you are in a long line, talk to the guy in front of you. Compliment their clothes or accessories. Make it light and easy.

The more you do it, the more you start noticing these situations where you can start a conversation with someone. 

The fun part is that each successful interaction has a fast boost on your confidence. Try it, and you will understand what I’m talking about.

4. Embarrass yourself

The biggest fear for many people is embarrassing yourself in public situations. This keeps many of us from doing things we really want because of fear.

The best way to overcome it is to force the embarrassment on yourself.

Just by trying to make the worst-case scenario happen, you understand how difficult it is to actually make it happen. Usually, these things go way better than expected.

For example, try a cold approach in a lounge or a bar with the goal of getting rejected by a woman.

Try to do it at least 10 times and see what comes out of it. The worst-case scenario is rejection, but that is what you are going after, so if you do it enough times, you will see different results.

Another way to do this is to sing karaoke or dance in a club. Both of these activities are meant to be enjoyable and fun.

And by doing both of them, you actually might have a good time while building your confidence.

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