Should You Shave Head Before or After Shower? (Pros & Cons)

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There’s a neverending debate on whether to head shave before or after shower.

I personally always shave after the shower, because all the heat and steam opens up pores and softens hair folecules, making it a smoother shave.

I think most baldies will benefit the most from shaving after the shower.

Should You Shave Head Before or After Shower?

According to The American Academy of Dermatology (AAD), the best time to shave is right after a shower, as your skin will be warm and moist and free of excess oil and dead skin cells that can clog up your razor blade.

Head Shaving Before Shower

If you’re a baldy like me who prefers wet shaving, I would suggest skipping the head shave before shower routine.

While it may seem like an obvious choice for those using electric shavers, it’s not ideal for those of us who prefer a closer shave with a traditional razor.

The water and steam from the shower can actually cause more irritation on freshly shaved skin.


  • The main pro to shaving your head before showering is that the bathroom mirror is still clear, and the air is dry, making it easier and more convenient to get a smooth and precise shave. 
  • Shaving before the shower is an obvious way to go if you are an electric shaver. This is because you can’t ever get all the hairs off the back of your head by rinsing. But you can with showering.
  • Shaving your head before showering ensures a clean and debris-free scalp. This is helpful for beginners who may worry about effectively rinsing off any leftover hair by hand.


  • One downside of shaving your head before taking a shower is that the hair follicles are not softened and the pores are not open yet, making it more difficult to get a smooth shave. This can lead to additional irritation and discomfort.
  • Shaving your head before showering can lead to a higher likelihood of irritation and discomfort. Hot water can irritate the freshly shaved scalp, and water does not provide enough hydration. Applying a post-shave lotion immediately after shaving is crucial to soothe and moisturize the scalp. 
  • Shaving your head before showering can potentially dry your scalp even more, especially if you have sensitive skin. The combination of hot water and shampoo can be rough on your freshly shaven head.

Head Shaving After Shower

Shaving your head after the shower is the best choice if you prefer wet shaving and want the smoothest shave. It’s also perfect if you have a sensitive skin and scalp.


  • Shaving your head after a hot shower is the safest option. The heat and steam open up your pores, cleanse your scalp, and soften your hair follicles and prepares the scalp for the shave.
  • You can also use a pre-shave scrub that helps to remove any dirt or dead skin, leaving your head clean and ready for a smooth shave. This offers a smoother shave and minimizes the chance of bumps and irritations.
  • Perfect for beginners who are learning the techniques and developing a routine. It also benefits those with sensitive skin, resulting in a faster, smoother shave with fewer problems.


  • Shaving your head after a shower can be a bit more time-consuming. You probably want to wait a bit for your body to cool down, clean up the foggy mirror, and let the air cool off a bit.
  • It’s also more time-consuming compared to shaving in the shower. But this requires more experience and assumes that you can shave the back of your head without seeing.
  • For electric shavers, shaving after your shower may not result in as clean of a shave. Even with a thorough rinse, tiny loose hairs can still be left behind on the back of your head.

Head Shaving in the Shower

Shaving your head in the shower is the best choice for seasoned baldies who feel comfortable shaving their heads with their eyes closed. This is definitely not for beginners.


  • Shaving your head in the shower is perfect for experienced baldies who can shave the back of your head eyes closed. Also, using a mirror in the shower can be challenging due to water and fog.
  • Shaving your head in the shower is a time-saving and convenient option. It allows you to wash and shave consecutively. Plus, it eliminates the need for a separate cleanup process.
  • You can also use a pre-shave scrub. This not only cleanses your scalp but also prepares it for a smooth shave, reducing the chances of bumps and irritations. It’s like giving your scalp a micro-spa treatment before the shave!


  • The main drawback of shaving your head in the shower is that you have to be able to shave the back of your head without being able to see it. That’s why beginners should avoid this.
  • Shaving your head in the shower can lead to irritations and razor bumps, especially since you can’t see what’s happening at the back of your head.
  • Another con is that if you are using an electric shaver, know that not all shavers are waterproof. If yours isn’t, then this option may not be available to you.

Develop a Shaving Routine

When it comes to shaving your head, developing a routine is key. It’s important to find a routine that works for your specific skin type and lifestyle.

Not only will this make it easier for your scalp, but it will also save you time that you can spend with your family or on your hobbies.

Consider how many days per week you want to shave, the best times for you, whether you also care for your beard, and whether you prefer to shave before, during, or after your shower.

Don’t forget to choose the right products for your needs.

And one more thing – don’t overlook the importance of exfoliation in your routine. It helps keep your scalp healthy and your shave smooth. 


Is it OK to shave before a shower?

Yes, it’s okay to shave before a shower, but if you wet shave, be aware that the hot water might irritate your after-shave scalp. If you use an electric shaver, then it’s best to shave before the shower.

How long should you shower before shaving?

You should shower at least 10 minutes before you start shaving your scalp. Then there is enough time for hair follicles to soften and pores to open.

Is it better to shave your head wet or dry?

Most bald men prefer wet shaving. Wet shaving irritates the scalp the least while providing the closest shave and the cleanest look.

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